DJ Lady Fingaz - Southern Belle Breaks

Don't let the name fool you this an all Hip Hop mix.

 A few years ago back through Myspace I "met" Lady Fingaz  when she was  NOLA DJ and like the old saying goes if you ask you shall receive. I asked and she sent me Southern Belle Breaks, her mix CD, in late 2005.

The mix released through Media Darling Records is actually one of few Hip Hop mixes made by a female deejay. No electro, dubstep or top 40 crap like other female deejays. Just pure Hip Hop with beat juggles and dope scratching. Everything you'll expect from a quality Hip Hop mix.

The mix had split tracks and since I hate split tracked mixes. I edited the mix into one file. Also be sure to take notice of  Lady Fingaz singing on a reworked  version R2D2's "Here's What's Left".

Below is the back cover image  since I couldn't find the front cover image anywhere on the net.

DJ Lady Fingaz
Southern Belle Breaks (2005) |98 MB|

Lady Fingaz Intro
Hieroglypics - Make Your Move
Presto - Back in 92
Foreign Exchange - Nic's Groove
Diverse - Just Biz
The Blend Crafters  (DJ Numark & DJ Pomo) - Melody
Pitch Black - Revenge
Chali 2una - Emcee Material
LMNO - Industry Revival
Lateef & The Chief - Best of Me
Chapter 13 - The Rebirth
DJ Paul Nice - Funky Breaks (beatjuggle)
The Grouch & Eligh- The Clap
Wu Tang Clan & DJ Mathematics - Respect Mine
ED Og & Pete Rock - Boston (w/ Lady Fingaz on the cuts)
Lyrics Born - Callin' Out
Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Times Up
One Be Lo - Deceptions (Pete Rock Remix)
Voice - Medicore
DJ Premier - What Im Here For (beatjuggle)
Snowgoons ft. Breez Evahflowin - Hard To Catch
Non Prophets ft. Slug & Brother Ali - Damage (MF Doom remix)
Jurassic 5 - Sum of Us Instrumental
RJD2 - Here's What's Left (w/ Lady Fingaz on the vocals)
Exile & Slum Village - Soul Provider

Lady Fingaz


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