DJ Joe Cooley - Live at The Boys and Girls Club 1987

Here's one those rare thing that hit the net ever so often. Back in 1987 "The King Of Scratch" Joe Cooley performed a set at my local Boys & Girls club here in San Bernardino,CA.

Honestly I don't remember this night. I lived a few blocks from the B&G club and Joe Cooley & Rodney O came through San Bernardino pretty frequently during the late 80's. Also I was involved within the Party crew scene back then  so I might have missed this event due to spinning at party. I do remember a big controversy in news about a gang fight breaking out at Boys & Girls dance back then. I'm unsure, however, if this the event or later one.

This is pure raw 1980's style mixing. It may be too raw for younger listeners who are used to radio mixshows.

"This is a personal recording that Joe let me do while he performed. The mix ends abruptly due to a Gang fight that broke out that night, and the show ended"

DJ Joe Cooley
Live at The Boys and Girls Club
(1987)| 30 MB|


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Anonymous said...

Biggest shouts The Dynamic Hamza 21, props fr throwin up a rare rip. Joe Cooley all day, thisis truly appreciated