DJ Bizkid - Break The Mold

Germany's DJ Bizkid teams up with Chicago based Hip Hop label Galapgos 4 to mix some their best tunes from their various artists over the past decade.

If you haven't heard of G4's music before you definitely need to do so. They make some high quality underground Hip Hop. In my opinion this is one of the best underground mixes made this year so far.

All my fellow Hip Hoppas out there you need to hear this!!

DJ Bizkid
Break The Mold (2010)|90 MB|

Intro DJ Bizkid
Golden Era - Qwel
Chicago - Qwazaar
Thin Red Line - Typical Cats
Maxwell Street - Robust
City Heat - Royce
Paramount - Offwhyte
The Big One - Pugslee Atomz
Welcome to Chicago - Qwel
Chicago (Exclusive)- Hellsent
Kid is Raw - Offwhyte
Be Where? - Anacron
Dark & Stormy (Exclusive) - Robust
The Metropolitan People -Offwhyte
The Manhattan Project- Qwel
Rush Hour - Nacrobats
North to Broadway - Offwhyte
Red C - Qwel
Chicago Under a Full Moon - Offwhyte and Mestizo
Howard to 95th - Himself
Chicago Barbeque - Qwel
Wind Instrument - Qwel
Augusta 90b - Maker

Galapgos 4


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