Roli Rho - The Smartbomb

The Return of TEE

Firstly let me say welcome back to Supreme Unknown (The Essential Elements). No matter how hard DMCA tries to push us down we will always return.

Now to the music....

You need this mixtape in your collection!! 5th Platoon's Roli Rho delivers an incredible mix that any Hip Hop fan will love.

Side A

Side B

I'm guessing that it is from 1999 given the tracks on it and based on other releases he had. The rip is done by me as well as the photo of the cassette cover above. The tape starts off with his famous DMC routine and features a nice mix of underground hip-hop throughout the tape.......a really solid mixtape from start to finish and one that should not be missed by any real turntablism fan. Grab it and pass it along to your friends.
Supreme Unknown

DJ Roli Rho
The Smart Bomb
(1999) |64/65 MB|

Side A
As He Rocks Like This- Roli Rho
33rd Degree Manslaughter- Don Most
The Next Movement- The Roots
Black Mask "DJ Attack"- 701 Squad by DJ Revolution
Repertoire- QNC
Natural Elements- 2 Tons
A Part Of My Life- Bumpy Knuckles
The Wild West- Deadly Snakes
On The Mic- Stronghold
Pardon Me- Dres
Blacklisted- Anomolies/ Arsonists
Turn It Out- Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice
Pyromaniax- Arsonists
Millenium 2000 pt.2- Blackmongoose
WWII- Pharoahe Monch & Shabaam Shadeeq
We Turn it On- Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh
B-Boy Document '99- High and Mighty, Mos Def & Mad Skillz
Whenimondamic- Lootpack
5 On It- 5th Platoon

Side B
5th Platoon Gets Paid- 5th Platoon
The Anthem- Sway & Tech
The Isolationist- DJ Vadim, Anti-Pop Consortium & Prime Cuts
Breaker, Breaker- GZA
Symphony 200- Big Pun, Kool G Rap & KRS-One
Full Clip- Gang Starr
Spontaneous Combustion- The Doxxmen
Slum Village w/ Travellin Man- Mos Def w/ Respiration
Uncut Action- Chris Lowe, Large Professor
Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats- Lootpack & Quasimoto
Joc max Preface- DJ Spinna w/ RR Intermission Pt. 1
Me & Him- Porn theatre ushers
Jayou- Jurassic 5
RR Intermission Pt. 2
In Your Town- Arsonists
The Funeral- Clipse
DJ Excess 1st Place ITF East Advancement '99
Atari 2000- Funkahoe

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