Mos Def and K Naan - Austin City Limits Live

In October of 2009 Mos Def along with Somali/Canadian artist K'naan were the first Hip Hop artists to appear upon Austin City Limits within it's 35 year history. Although the show was recorded live in October of 2009 it wasn't aired until January 2010 on PBS stations around the US. This is the audio rip of that performance.

Mos Def sadly didn't perform any classics except "Umi Says". However he did put a great performance with tunes from his album The Ecstatic and special tribute to Michael Jackson.

K'naan executed a great performance as well. After watching show it's hard not to be fan of his.

Now I split the file into two files. One with Mos Def & the other with K'naan.

For those who missed it you can watch the show online HERE


Mos Def

Mos Def & K'Naan
Austin City Limits Live (2009) |39/37 MB|

K'Naan (39 MB)

Mos Def (37 MB)


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