Moe Green - Rocky Maivia

Although I can't cosign some of joints on the album "Rocky Maiavia"  it does contain more than it's fair share of great tunes. A touch of jazz,hipster soul and underground Hip Hop, this album's sound will truly make your head nod.

If you love Lupe Fiasco and Fuzz and Mac you'll love Vallejo's Moe Green.

I want people to recognize me as somebody they can relate to because I make honest music.....Everybody hates being broke, hates their job, goes through relationship problems, wants dope shoes and clothes, has guilty pleasures and that's what I rap about.”
Moe Green

Moe Green
Rocky Maivia (2010) | 71 MB|

He's Moe Green (Intro)
Going For The Kill
Non Title Match
Emerald City
Day Dreamer (feat. Ragen Fykes)
Search Party
Keep It Ill
Cruise Control
Don't Hurt Me (feat. 1-O.A.K.)
Level After Like
Buzz Lightyear
Top Turn Buckle Lifestyle
What It Is
Exclamation Point


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