Mix Mechanic - All Mixed Up

Everybody who reads my blog or stumbles across my comments on other blogs know I have high standards.This mixtape is why my standards are so high.

I grew up listening to mixes by Al Perkins aka The Mix Mechanic (he now goes the name DJ Blend Daddy since early 2000's). At the time his mixes became so popular within The Inland Empire they were played on our 2 local university radio stations (KUOR & KUCR). Both stations were so hugely popular within the region ,unlike other college radio stations, advertisers actually bought air time as well early Hip Hop promoters like Uncle Jamm's Army. Both stations were the center for Hip Hop and Latin Freestyle music during the late 80's. And The Mix Mechanic was the foundation of it all back in the day.

In those days a "mixtape" meant either a mix that was recorded onto a cassette or a multi-tracked mix like this one. Most probably never heard a genuine mixtape until they heard Z Trip's 1999 Uneasy Listening but many us on the West coast used to listen to our local deejay mixtapes. They were many local deejays around southern California who produced these type of multi tracked mixtapes during the mid to late 80's. The Cisco Kid and Dr. Dre being the most widely known. If I remember correctly Cisco Kid got sued by Michael Jackson's record company , Epic, for releasing a bootleg remix of Billie Jean back in 84. Suffice it to say these type of mixes are what made California home to the most skilled deejays. These early deejays were the people who schooled later deejays like The Beat Junkies,ISP,Scratch Hamsters and others through their mixtapes.

Well that is the history now sit back and enjoy some good tunes and creative mixing.

Note: The sound quality was a little low in original download from Master Of the Mix so I raised the volume and used EQ to take out some tape hiss. There shouldn't be any sound quality degradation.

Side A

Side B

Mix Mechanic
All Mixed Up # 1
(1987) | 41 MB/42 MB|

Side A

All Mixed Up 1
Turntable Trix One - Turntable Trix (Cisco Kid ??)

Side B
All Mixed Up 2
Panic Zone - NWA
Unknown Track
Unknown Track

Side A

Side B

They Put Me In The Master Mix


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