Ereece and DJ Mark 1 - The ReIntroduction

Let me say Ereece never comes wack. Of all releases I've heard from him they all have been fresh to def. If you haven't heard of him before you need to. This is the only artist that can rival Brother Ali in terms of style and greatness.

Fortunately in just a few weeks we will be able to hear more Ereece as his album Concrete Steppin drops on July 27. For us in Southern California region we can also see him perform live at the Make It Funky Art & Music festival on July 31st.

Long time readers of DSFL know my standards are high so when I give props to somebody you can guarantee it's somebody you should definitely give a listen.

Ereece & DJ Mark 1
The Re:Introduction (2010) |81 MB|

The Money [prod. Presto]
Still Love Ya ft. Celetia Martin [prod. Leggo]
Get It Off Ya Chest [ft. & prod. Nobody Famous]
Bloodsport ft. Basicali & Buff1 [prod. Garfield Adams]
If U [prod. Leggo]
No Doubt ft. Sum Kid & Chris Clarke [prod. Chuck Chilla]
Make Way - Bautista Remix [prod. The Beat Ventriloquists]
The Example [prod. Leggo]
Back It Up [prod. Chuck Chilla]
Word is Bond [prod. Nobody Famous + cuts by DJ Mark1]
Wild Wild West - Crag Malkovich ft. PUDGE, Sum Kid, E Reece, & Neal Rames [prod. The Beatnuts]
The Find [prod. T.iM]
Happy Dayz - Gosselin Remix [prod. Jared Gosselin]
Get Yours ft. Now On [prod. Haircut aka Mayer Hawthorne]
For The Love - Basicali ft. E Reece & Yep [prod. Garfield Adams]



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