DJ Mane One - Danceteria Vol 5

In a word fantastic! That's how I would describe this mix. This is how Jeff/Mick's Summe Time mix should have sounded like. The Grand Imperial Mane One dropped this 2009 mix on facebook a few days ago.

Danceteria was B Boy focused dance event founded by Mane One featuring his crew 1520 Sedgwick Ave DJ's (Mane One,Sake One & Son Of Jarel) in March of 2007. This mix takes it back to late 80's with a touch straight mixing and multitracking.

Sorry no tracklist but you'll hear everything from classic 80s & 90s Hip Hop to Funk and Pop.

DJ Mane One
Danceteria Vol 5:Jiggy Mix
(2009) | 68 MB|

DJ Mane One


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