DJ Four One One - Jazz Flava Lesson 2 and 3

Honestly I wasn't  feelin vol 2 as I was vol 3 but both are great jazzy Hip Hop laced mixes. If you love jazzy Hip Hop you should love these mixes by Japan's DJ Four One One.

DJ Four One One
Jazz Flava Lesson 2
(2007) |107 MB|

One Be Lo - Rocketshop (DJ Four, One, One, Remix)
Brawdcast - Calm Down
Talib Kweli - Rock On (Cool Out Remix)
Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Respiration (Flying High Mix)
Mos Def - Mathematics (Cool Out Remix)
Pete Rock - Take You There (Hoop's Remix)
O.C. - Born To Live (Lil Gav's Instrumental)
Nas - One Love (Lil' Gav's Cascading Keys Mix)
Ahmad Jamal - Dolphin Dance
DJ Deckstream - Memory Of Melodies (Feat. Dred Scott & Adriana Evans)
Common - The Light (Kero One Remix)
Choice37 - Tomorrow (Feat. Othello)
Funky Dl - Only The Initials Cm (Latin Remix)
49ers - Champagne
Speach Impediments - Casino
Shin-Ski Of Martiangang - Emerald Myst
Shinsight Trio - Heart (Shin-Ski's Cold Hearted Remix Feat. Ed Og)
The Smile Rays - A Toast
Kev Brown - Life's A Gamble (DJ Mr Flesh Remix)
Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial - Madiera II
Jay Nice - Think It Through (Feat. Adad & DJ 33 1)
Supersci - Ain't No End
Fine Print - Ashby (Frequent Flyers Remix)
Longevitycew - Walk With Us
Lord Finesse - Soul Plan (DJ Four, One, One, Remix)

DJ Four One One
Jazz Flava Lesson 3
(2009) |135 MB|

Pete Rock - Trumaster - DJ Four One One 3000 Beats Remix-
Common - 6" Sense -Pat D Remix-
Common Sense - Resurrection
DJ Four One One - Strike the keys of a piano
Karo - It like...
All Natural - Renaissance Feat.Lone Catalyst
Funky DL - You Really Love That
Grooveman Spot a.k.a DJ Kou-G - one world is...
Grooveman Spot a.k.a DJ Kou-G - Farther Time
Little Shawn - Check It Out Y'All -L-1 Remix-
Emanon - Detout
Funky DL - Slow Down
Takatuki - Origin of the wind - Asayake  GHC Remix-
Asayake Production - Giant BB Chop
EarDrumz & Pro-Creation - Recognize the Flav
Raashan Ahmad - Here We Go
Nieve And Cook - Chronic Intoxication
Jazz Liberatorz - When The Clock Ticks
Pat D - In Control
Surreal - Mama Don't Cry
Dela & Apani B - Let Me Know
Seven Star - Speak The Truth Feat.Cyne
Pat D - Relax Your Mind
Atmosphere - Good Daddy
DJ Four One One - Unfinished

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