DJ Chaps One - Maried To Vinyl

Alot of deep underground Hip Hop on this mixtape from an Oceanside (San Diego) DJ named Chaps One. Mostly of the jazzy breaks style of the late 90's. Unfortunately I could only find a 64kpbs/22500hz file. The sound quality is good for computer or mp3 player but I wouldn't recommend this for the ride. Especially those with an above average sound system in their vehicles. Nonetheless it's a great snapshot of late 90's/early 2000's underground Hip Hop.

"Some where in between playing shows and getting stupid in 2002-2003, Chaps made "MarriedTo Vinyl". A straight forward hip hop mix filled with classic underground bangerz and some stellar programming. Simple, live And clean."
Filthy Drum Habits

DJ Chaps One
Married To Vinyl (2003)

People Under The Stairs -The Digs
Various Blends - Even More Even
Emanon - Blind Love
Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow
Non-Prophets - Whore Mongore
Awol One & Daddy Kev - Lick Me Im Famous
Busdriver - Buy One Style, Get One Style Free
Dose One & Boom Bip - Goddamn Telephone
Blame One & Exile - Pair-A-Graffs
Dj Hive - Birdman
Shape Shifters - Planet Rock 2020
Fat Jack - Head Like A Brick
EX2 - Curveball
Atmosphere - Multiples
Mission Ft. Celcius Igro - Throw Your Hands Up
LA Symphony - Broken Tape Decks
Lyrics Born - Hello

Filthy Drum Habits


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