DJ Celskii - Sweet Sista Funk

Representing The Deuce Crew (Celskii & Deeandroid) and La Femme Deadly Venoms (Celskii, Deeandroid & Lady Fingaz) the Bay Area's Celskii has been on scene for a number years. Honestly this is the first mix I heard from her. I always known of her as battle deejay. She rocks mostly classic soul funk joints (Boz Skaggs "lowdown",etc) and breaks in this " Bboy breaks" mix. I don't when this mix was made but I'm guessing within the last year or so.

Speaking of Breaks I will be returning to posting past shows of DJ Mane One's 30 Minute Mix series next Thursday.

DJ Celskii
Sweet Sista Funk |131 MB|

Side A (70 MB)

Side B (70 MB)


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