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Well I'm back!!

Yes I finally returned to blogging after taking a long vacation after the demise of my old blog:

Now that I'm back I decided to change few things. Before every Thursday I would post a "domeshot" (something for the mind) but I am longing going to do that. Since I don't know how long this blog will run (though I'm committed to keep it going until 2012) I decided to go full throttle with the "fat laces" (Hip Hop and Hip Hop influenced mixes). For those who are new to DSFL there will be new posts every Monday & Thursday.

DSFL 2006?

Some of longtime readers of my old blog may not have known DSFL had it's beginning as place where the history of Hip Hop was showcased. So it may seem odd to some to find old posts from 2006 - 2008 not relating to mixtapes. A short  history  is between 2006 and 2008 in DSFL's beginnings instead of posting mixtapes I was posting different interviews and articles from around the web about some of Hip Hop's pioneers.

Within those old posts I also have something you won't see anywhere else.  A 1996 article from Rap Pages magazine featuring a roundtable discussion with many of Hip Hop pioneers like Charlie Chase,DST and one first female deejays DJ La Spank. I HIGHLY suggest all those who love Hip Hop culture read that article (Part 1 , Part 2)

Old Posts

I've been reposting many of my old posts and as of date I have reposted the April 2008 - January 2009 archives. I will be working on finishing reposting 2009 archives before October and then moving on 2010 archives. Since my  url and feed are new all posts will be displayed within the feed. So those of you who don't want see 50 or so new posts in RSS reader every week or so I suggest you wait to subscribe to the feed until December. It will take awhile before only new posts are displayed since I have so many archives to repost.

Sad News

Sadly I wasn't only blogger who got taken down by the man. Supreme Unknown's blog The Essential Elements was recently shut down as well. I don't know full story behind the demise of TEE but  it's sad see it no longer available.

Now let me say welcome back to all my old readers for joining here on my new blog and to the new readers let me say welcome and enjoy the music.

The Dynamic Hamza 21®

Hip Hop since 1982.


chillone said...

welcome back hamza!!!have a good start!! yeah really sad about The Essential Elements shut done. that how it goes with blogger, like a lottery.


Gary Anderson said...

Damn, man. I was wondering what happened to ya. I just checked one day and you were gone. couldn't find anything online about it.

Kinda figured what happened, but didn't wanna believe it.

Good to see you back, man. Time to put you back up on my blogroll now that you're back.