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Monday, May 3,2010

DJ Inkognito takes you back to the 80's and early 90's with the best tunes from New Edition. With the exclusion of NE's best song 2004's Hot 2 Nite I'm speculating this mix was made before 2004.

Thanks to DJ Soul Catcher for the link.

On Our Own


DJ Inkognito
New Edition Mix (2003) | 72 MB|

Poison - Bell Biv Devoe
Rub You The Right Way - Johnny Gil
Do Me - Bell Biv Devoe
Humpin Around - Bobby Brown
Coo It Now - New Edition
Yo Baby Yo - Ralph Tresvant
She's Dope - Bell Biv Devoe
My Prerogative - Bobby Brown
I'll Good to You - Bobby Brown
Crucial - New Edition
Lovely - Bell Biv Devoe
Count Me Out - New Edition
My Secret (Did Ya get It yet) - New Edition
Hide And seek - New Edition
Word To tha Mutha - New Edition
Word To tha Mutha - Bell Biv Devoe
Sone Cold Gentlemean - Ralph Tresvant
Fairweather friend - Johnny Gill
On Our Own - Bobby Brown
Once in A Lifetiem Groove - New Edition
BBD (I Thought it Was me ) - Bell Biv Devoe
Girl Next Door - Bobby Brown
She's My Love Thang - Ralph Tresvant
Wrap My Body Tight - Johnny Gil
NE Heartbreak - New Edition
Candy Girl - New Edition
Every Little Step - Bobby Brown
Don't Be Cruel - Bobby Brown
If It isn't Love - New Edition
Baby Love - New Edition
Mr. Telephone - New Edition
Sensitivity - Ralph Tresvant

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