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Monday,May 10,2010

This is a killer short mix from SA's DJ Destroy that was aired on the Ready Cee Show awhile back. No tracklisting but if you love that Soul Assassins sound I guarantee you'll love this.

......a 20 minute Soul Assassins Unity Mansion mix I did in the summer of 2007 live from the mansion.Mixes Feat. Chace Infinite, Sick Jacken,DJ Muggs, Ill Bill,Alchemist, Evidence, Cynic,Ice Cube, The New Royals, Aceyalone, Murs, Opio, Planet Asia, Chino Xl.. and more.
DJ Destroy

DJ Destroy
Cali Connect:
Soul Assassins Unity Mix (2007) |49 MB|

Soul Assassins
DJ Destroy


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