WindchILL - I Have Arrived

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is the debut album from AOI's WindchILL. If you loved his Self Medication album you'll love this as well. Vocally, I have say, on this album he sounds very similar to Slug from Atmosphere. I'm sure if you played this for a few people and didn't tell them it wasn't Slug they would probably think it is him.

Some tunes on this album are straight boom bap and others are 9th Wonderish with a touch RnB. All in all a pretty impressive debut.

I Have Arrived (2007) | 51 MB|

My Introduction
Step Into My World
Ain't It Strange
Freezing Rain
Best Friends Become Strangers
Can't Seem To Shake It
Pay Homage
Bad Dream
Bang Bang
I Have Arrived
Permanent Pain
Generous Dosage
Come With Me

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