PNS and Zavala - Canciones Modernas

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Thursday,April 29,2010

Firstly this is Not a spanish Hip Hop album. This is in fact a excellent executed instrumental mixtape by two Chicago based producers. Not a beat tape but an instrumental album.

Moleman's PNS and Dark Time Sunshine's Zavala bring forth some world music infused Hip Hop beats that is sure to make your head nod. You won't hear any weired "experimental" type beats on Canciones Modernas (Modern Songs) only straight up quality boom bap laced with Latin and middle eastern influences. Trust me this ain't no joke.

Devon Ave.

The City Is Mine

PNS & Zavala
Canciones Modernas (2010) | 35 MB|

PNS - 2012 Ft. DJ Pratt
PNS - Nueva Frontera
PNS - Prelude To Audiotronics
PNS - Lenky di Don
PNS - Retina of the Mind's Eye (1983)
Zavala - The City Is Mine ft. DJ Pratt
Zavala - Mal Momento
Zavala - Devon Ave.
Zavala - Sin Esfuerzo
Zavala - The Cincinnati Bears


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