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Monday,April 19, 2010

These are for those who can take real Hip Hip. The track selections within all three volumes are pretty high caliber. With the exception of vol 3,which is pretty much a train-wreck mix wise, I'm sure you're being listening to these mixes over and over. Especially vol 2 which many people agree is the best of all the volumes.

I'm not certain but I believe M Boogie mixed all three cds but only in vol 3 is his name mentioned. It would make sense being these were released on Ill Boogie, M Boogie's record label.

Ill Boogie
Independent Finest Vol 1 (2001) | 50 MB|

Smackdown - Mike Apathy
I Don't Give a Fuck - Az-1
Live Long - Akbar
Rep for the Slums
Aged and Laced - Rasco, Sandman
Killing Spree [Remix] - Mykill Miers
Here It Is - Erule
Keep It Live
Skills 101 - Reks
Take Cover - Guru
Final Word - L Fudge
Flawless - Phife Dawg

Ill Boogie
Independent Finest Vol 2 (2001) | 64 MB|

Sandman Feat. Wildchild - I'm Telling You (Remix)
Wee Bee Foolish - Properly Done
Mykill Miers Feat. Planet Asia - Everyday Ritual
Masta Ace & Bald Head Slick - Conflict
Erule - Mind Wars (Remix)
QNC Feat. Lord Jamar - That Real Live
Nextmen, The Feat. Grap Luva - Thinking Man's Session
Grand Agent - Know The Legend
Akbar - 5th Element
Ilacoin - This, That & The 3rd
Kreators Feat. Akrobatik , Big Shug , Ed O.G , Guru & Krumb Snatcha - Home
Brand Nubian - Rockin' It

Ill Boogie
Independent Finest Vol 3 (2001) | 75 MB|

Intro - M-Boogie
Beat Down - Rasco
Funky Fresh - Cappo
Irish Cream - Doujah Raze
You Don't Wanna - Mykill Miers
I'm the Man
Blak Is Back - Baby Blak
Order of Operations
Tightly Twisted
Shout [Remix] - Yesh
My MC Name Is Shon
Nothin, Can Save Ya
Shuck and Jive - Mars Ill
Well, Well, Well - The Demigodz
Liar and Thief
Big Bang Boogie - Akbar
Cadillac Desert
Don't Give up the Fight - Hi-Low
Melange - M-Boogie
Live for What You Know
Ready or Not - M-Boogie
You Gotta Stop - Lexicon
Works of the Hand
Krew Kut - Destro, Logique

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