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Thursday, April 15, 2010

In 2009 the San Bernardino trio Magnificent Ruffians teamed up with Los Angeles based producers Elevated Soul to form Elevated Ruffians. The end result of their combined efforts is a double CD worth of good quality 9th Wonderish boom bap Hip Hop laced with a touch of a soulful groove.

Good news for Hip Hop fans they have recently released the album for free though the album is still for sale. A free double CD of music? In today's musical landscape this usually means a collection of throwaway tracks release for marketing. Not this time this is the real deal. This is Mag Ruff at their best.

Elevated Ruffians
Magnificent Soul (2009) | 84/84 MB|

CD 1

Extended Fam
Heeea Heeah!
Watch Your Step feat. Oh No
The Snap Track feat. Disco
Water The Seeds feat. ENO.D
Harlem Renaissance feat. ENO.D
I've Done More feat. Bookworm Brown
All Wrong
Lift Your Spirits feat. Propaganda
Boom Bap Vs. Abstract
Nothin' New feat. Noa James
I Can't Understand
He's A Hater feat. Random
Sweet Time
Real Spitters
Jewels feat. Analyzah & Satch'L
I Can't Lose feat. Simon Roofless

CD 2
Industry Beef
Ain't Got Time feat. Disco
Message In The Wind feat. Brotha Dvooa
Got Me Down
Back Up feat. S.O.P.
Our Love
Nothin' To Say feat. Anterluz
No! No! No! feat. Queen Elizabeth
Never feat. Cornbread
Ain't That A Bitch
Vice Versa Love feat. Boho Fau
No Se feat. Mista B
Just A Matter Of Time feat. Eyez
Magnificent Macks
Yes You Did
You're No Good
Nothing Can Stop Me feat. Vast Aire
I Don't Care feat. Hardware
It's Over
Defensive Stance (Bonus Track)

CD 1 (84 MB)

CD 2 (84 MB)

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