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Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Mex is indeed one of the realest people within Hip Hop and is probably the only mc who will perform at a house party. That's how real he is. He may not be as known outside of California but truth: his flow and music embodies the realness of Hip Hop.

Sorry no tracklisting but with the exception of the Return of Fernando Mania and a few other tunes all 2 Mex's greatest joints are within this mix. enjoy

DJ Soul Catcher
2 Mex Is My Homie (2010) | 75 MB|

God Fresstyle
Once Again (Rock Rework)
I Didn't Mean To Touch Your Hand
Funny isn't It
Baby I Ain't Joking
Introducing The Brain Busters
Marshal Law
Audible Angels
I Am Still (Live)
Across & Down
All Turn Native
3 Day Eviction Notice
Wonderful Memories
Paranoia Shiek
Love Fight's Back
Call You Later
Green Grass
It Will
Same Old Love Song
Escape The Toyota Matrix
Love (Hip Hop)
L.A. Like
Minors Into Fire
So Many More Words (Remix)
Everywhere Once
If You Can't Say Love

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