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Monday, March 29, 2010

I haven't had time to listen to this mix yet but it's by DJ Mu R. People familiar with his work know this Japanese mixmaster makes some quality Hip Hop mixes and I suspect these mixes are golden as well. A "Underground League" is a double CD of mixes with two different vibes. So you know this has to be good.

Underground League (2008) | 183 MB|

CD1 The Chill Vibe - Ice
Side A
GroovemanSpot - Off & Syn
The Nonce - The Greatest MC'S
Mood - Secrets of The sand (Remix)
U.T.D - My Kung Fu
Mos Def (feat. Q-Tip) - Mr.Nigga
DJ Mitsu the Beats - Take Notice
Basement Khemists - Correct Technique (Instrumental)
Basement Khemists - Petrified
Binary Star - Solar Powered
Massinfluence - Life to the MC (Original Remix)

Side B
Massinfluence (feat. Big Von) - Life to the MC (Original Remix)
Choclair - Just A Second (Remix)
MF Grimm - Do It For The Kids
The Roots - Distortion To Static (At Ease Mix)
Group Home - Intro
Group Home - Up Against Tha Wall (Getaway Car Mix)
Grap Luva - Every Man 4 Himself
Beatnuts - Relax Yourself
Beatnuts - Rik's Joint
Street Smartz - Problemz (Instrumental)
The Pharcyde - She Said (LP Version - Jay Dee Remix)
Lord Finesse - Soul Plan (Instrumental)

CD2 The Energetic - Fire
Side A
GroovemanSpot - Dirty Underground
Count Bass D - Dollar Bill
Gang Starr - The Planet (Instrumental)
Madlib (feat. Kazi) - Part Six
Artifacts - Flexi Wit Da Tech(Nique)
Myspyke - 54th Regiment (Buffalo Solider)
A.T.C.Q - Mr. Incognito
P.B.W - My World Premiere (Head Nod)
A.T.C.Q - Start It Up
Sight Beyond Light - Have Faith
Frankenstein - Rock The House
Rasco - Sophisticated Mic Pro'S (Instrumental)

Side B
Rasco - Sophisticated Mic Pro's
Ground Floor - One, Two
Bumpy Knuckles - Bumpy Knuckles Baby
Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Original-Pete Rock Mix)
Mos Def - The Universal Magnetic
Dran Dran Dran
Jazzmatazz (feat. The Roots) - Lift Your Fist
MED aka Medaphoar - Special

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