DJ Inkognito - Nocturnal Grooves Session 3 and 4

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Monday, March 1,2010

This is one those time when you shouldn't judge a mix by it's cover. Believe me these two mixes are golden. Boston's DJ Inkognito lays down some quality joints within these two mixes. Some of songs are about relationships (especially on NS 4) but all the songs have got that late night mixshow underground Hip Hop vibe going on. This is what late night mixshows used to sound like back in mid to late 90's.

DJ Inkognito
Nocturnal Grooves Session 3
(2009) | 55 MB|

Intro/ A Tribe Called Quest - 'Midnight'
Pharcyde - '4 Better Or 4 Worse'
Dark Sun Riders - 'Time To Build (Remix)'
Boogie Monsters - 'Strange (Remix)'
Double XX Posse - 'He Asked For It'
Da King And I - 'Flip Da Script (Premo Mix)'
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - 'For Pete's Sake'
A.D.O.R. - 'Let It All Hang Out'
Eric B. & Rakim - 'What's Going On?'
Gang Starr - 'Here Today Gone Tomorrow'
Dream Warriors - 'It's a Project Thing (Premo)'
Clever Jeff - 'Keep It Coming'
Extra Prolific feat. Opio (of Souls Of Mischief) - 'Now What'
Al Tariq - 'Get Down Baby'
Stezo feat. Jim Slice - 'Bob Ya Headz'
Samon Kawamura - 'All About You'
Gang Starr - 'Natural'
Group Home - 'Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Mix)'
DJ Jazzy Jef feat. CL Smooth - 'All I Know'
Rakim & Pete Rock - 'Livin In The City'
Mood - 'Secrets Of The Sand (Jay Dee Mix)
Tefelar & Cordell - 'Scandalous'
Royal Flush feat. Mic Geronimo - 'Regulate'
Roots - 'Distortion To Static (Remix)'
Harvey Lindo feat. Maspyke - 'The Here And Now'
A Tribe Called Quest - 'The Hop'
MED (aka Medaphoar) & Madlib - 'Nightlife'
Heavy D & The Boyz - 'Blue Funk'
Rough House Survivors - 'Take A Trip'
ADL - 'Call Me Daddy'
Kirk & Mark Sparks - 'Catch The Beat'
Queen Latifah - 'Listen To Me'
Lord Finesse - 'Down For The Underground
Big L - 'MVP (Buckwild Remix 2)'
Das Efx - 'Microphone Master (Spinna Mix)'
Lords Of The Underground - 'Tic Toc (Remix)'
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - 'Worldwide'
DJ Vadim - 'Talk To Me'
Globe Trotters - 'Love'
Digable Planets - 'Pacifics (NY Is Red Hot)'
Masta Ace - 'Inc Ride (Phat Kat Mix)'
Smif-N-Wessun - 'P.N.C.'
Slum Village feat. Dwele - 'Count Da Ways'
Rakim - 'We'll Never Stop'

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DJ Inkognito
Nocturnal Grooves Session 4
(2009) | 72 MB|

Gang Starr - 'Ex To The Next (Remix & Original)'
Grand Puba (of Brand Nubian) - 'Very Special'
Common & Marley Marl - 'Funk Shit'
Slum Village - 'Fall In Love (Remix & Original)'
Roots - 'Silent Treatment (Kelo Mix)'
Rahzel feat. Black Thought (of The Roots) - 'Sugah Sista'
Terror Fabolous - 'Yaga (Da Beatminerz Mix)'
Jigmastas - 'Reality Check'
Group Home - 'East NY Theory'
Casual - 'Thoughts Of The Thoughtful'
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - 'Boo Boo Heads;
Organized Konfusion - 'Why'
Black Sheep - 'Without A Doubt'
The Legion feat. Dres (of Black Sheep) - 'Jingle Jangle'
Trendz - 'Valley Of The Skinz (Lord Finesse Mix)'
Boogie Monsters - 'Salt Wate Taffy (Slo Jam)'
Kurious - 'Uptown Shit'
EDO.G & Da Bulldogs - 'Less Than Zero'
A Tribe Called Quest - 'Vibes And Stuff'
Stezo - 'Crazy Noise'
Cypress Hill - 'Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk'
Ice Cube - 'Who's The Mack'
Beatnuts - 'Yeah You Get Props'
Double XX Posse - 'Wreckin It'
Smif-N-Wessun - 'Cession At Da Doghillee'
AZ - 'Rather Unique'
Grand Puba (of Brand Nubian) - 'Keep On'
Jamal (of Illegal) & Redman - 'Insane Creation'
Redman - 'Keep On'
Das EFX - '40 And A Blunt'
Supernatural - 'Buddha Blessed It'

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