DJ Boogie Blind - Live At The PJs

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The X-Ecutioners/X Men's Boogie Blind shows how it should be done with this mix of early 80's to early 90's Hip Hop. Great song selection,dope beat juggles and superior cutting and can't ask for more from a Hip Hop mixtape. This is how a true deejay gets down.

DJ Boogie Blind
Live At The PJ's,Harlem New York (2003) | 82 MB|

He Cuts So Fresh - MC Shan
Alice, I Want You Just For Me - Full Force
It's Yours - T La Rock
AJ Scratch - Kurtis Blow
Shout - Craig G
Hollywoods World - DJ Hollywood
Live At The Fever - Lovebug Starski
Money (Dollar Bill Ya'll) - Jimmy Spicer
Risin To The Top - Doug E Fresh
Serious Remix - Steady B ft. KRS One
Product of the Environment - 3rd Bass
Originators - Jaz ft. Jay Z
Court is in Session - Chill Rob G
Road to the Riches - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Mr. Scarface - Scarface
If It Ain't Ruff - NWA
Survival Of The Fittest - MC Lyte
Beats To The Rhyme- Run DMC
Taxin' - Special Ed
Kick The Ballistix -?
Cold Gettin Dumb - Just Ice
Shakilya - Poor Righteous Teachers
Lesson 3 - Double Dee & Steinski
Peace is not the Word To Play - Main Source
Champion Of Love - 991 Volts
Illegal Search - LL Cool J
Bring The Noise - Public Enemy
Nice and Smooth - Nice & Smooth
Know The Ledge - Eric B & Rakim
Rampage (Pete Rock Remix) - EPMD ft. LL Cool J
Wrath Of Kane - Big Daddy Kane

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