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Thursday,February 18,2010

On this mix Rob One is mixing alot underground Southern California Hip Hop. This is one of the last mixes he made before his death.

From the cover image,I believe, this was made as an exclusive (*) for the legendary clothing/Hip Hop shop Beat Non Stop (later renamed Temple Of Boom). For those outside Cali BNS was located on the famous Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

2 Mex performing at Beat Non Stop 1998 (Hollywood)

Rob One
West Koast Indies (2000) |62 MB|

Circus - Intro
The Cuf - Cufish Feat - Living Legends
Sach - Look At Me Mean Feat - Aceyalone , Yusef
Asop - Fuckin' Wit Ya' Boy?
Alien Nation - Unicron Feat - Zoundwavez
Krondon - Black Gold
Faxx - Frame Of Mind
Kool Keith & Motion - Ego 99'
Superstar Quamallah - Civil Mics Feat
- Clever Jeff , Coolking Agaad , Defari
Zaire Black & June 22 - AD77
75 Degrees - Wrong MC
Subtitle - Intangible (Who R' You)
Neila - Right Time
Outro - Cummin' Sooner "Christy"

THE All Deadly Jizzm -
Lootpack - Long Awaited Feat - Dilated Peoples
Peanut Butter Wolf - Keep On Rockin It Feat - Charizma
Brandhedcorps Unit - Minutes To Compose
Profound - Think Before You Talk Feat - Prank 1
The Wailers Band - My Friend (Rare 1991)
Feat - Microphone Mike
G.P.A.C. - Thought Provoke Intro + Hardwork
Mystik Journeymen - Signal 7
Kosmic Four - Writers Bench
No Room Fo' Byters... Word
Songodsuns - Keeper Of The Keys

New Link (9/27/2012):

Tha Session

According Lysette One (Rob's Girlfirend or Wife?) this is not an exclusive to Beat Non Stop.


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