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Thursday, January 7, 2010

DJ Rahdu has created something that was seriously lacking in mixtape field. A mix of Bahamadia tunes. The BB Queen has to be one of most best emcees within Hip Hop and this mix certainly displays that notion.

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This is by no means a "Best of" mix. It is, however, a collection of tracks that I immensely enjoy by Bahamadia. Although Total Wreck: T.E.O.B. contains almost 40 songs by the BB Queen there are some songs that have been left off of this project largely due to time constraints.
DJ Rahdu

DJ Rahdu
Total Wreck:
The Encyclopedia Of Bahamadia (2009) |73 MB|

Bahamadia - Funk Vibe
Bahamadia - 3 the Hard Way
Bahamadia - Special Forces
The Boogiemonsters ft. Bahamadia - Say Word
Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu
Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu (Ski remix)
The Root ft. Bahamadia - Proceed III
Bahamadi ft. Dwele - Philadelphia
Space ft. Black Though & Bahamadia - Countdown
Erykah Badu ft. Bahamadia - Funk U Up (Love of My Life Remix)
Reflection Eternal ft. Bahamadia - Chaos
Bahamadia - Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)
Bahamadia - Total Wreck
Bahamadia ft. Slum Village - One 4 Teen (Jay Dee Remix)
King Britt ft. Bahamadia - Transcend
Funk Times Three
Bahamadia - Word Play
Big Kap - Da Ladies
Sweetback ft. Bahamadia - Au Natural
Bahamadia - I Confess (The Roots Remix)
Bahamadia ft. Dwele - Beautiful Things
Don't Fight My Love
Bahamadia - True Honey Buns
Ursula Rucker ft. Bahamadia - Path to Rhythm
The Herbaliser ft. Bahamadia - When I Shine
The Roots ft. Bahamadia - Push Up Ya Lighter
Mr.Li ft. Bahamadia - Breathe
Bahamadia - Spontaneity
Mathematik ft. Bahamadia - Following Goals
Bahamadia ft. Rah Digga - Be OK
Dwele ft. Bahamadia - High
Bahamadia - Good Rap Music
Bahamadia ft. The Roots - Da Jawn
Maiysha ft. Bahamadia - Celebrity
Chops ft. Bahamadia - B-Girl Session
Guru ft. Bahamadia - Respect the Architect
Hezekiah ft. Bahamadia - Gypsy Slang
Bahamadia - Paper Thin
Bonus: Bahamadia - BB Queen (Unreleased) LIVE

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