Jazzy Jeff Cash Money Spinbad - Live in 1985

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Monday , December7 2009

Now this is the definition of a "rare gem" recorded back 1985 this is a recording of Philadelphia's greatest deejays. Jazzy Jeff & Cash Money & the Original Spinbad, the inventor of transforming. This is history!!! Sadly though this was recorded before Spinbad created the transformer scratch. However you will hear Jazzy Jeff an earlier form of transforming at 32:00 in Part 1 and a form of tweaking at 33:08.

A Philly legend Grandmaster Nell is said be in this recording but unfortunately he's not is this recording.

Listen online to Part 1 HERE
Listen online to Part 2 HERE

It's is a live tape from 1985 at the YMCA on 52nd St. in Philly with Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Grandmaster Nell, Spinbad & Force Five Productions.
How about that line up. And all of the DJ's are performing at their best, spinning not only classic funk tracks but also many hip hop and electro tracks.
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Jazzy Jeff,Cash Money,
Spinbad & Force Five Productions
Live At The YMCA (1985) |106 MB|

Spinbad, Jazzy Jeff & Force Five Productions
Part 1 (40 minutes)| 55 MB|:

Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money & Force Five Productions
Part 2 (37 minutes) |51 MB|:

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