Savant - The Delayed Entry

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Thursday,October 29,2009

Coming out of Chicago and now residing in Tucson Arizona emcee Gregory Daggett aka Savant drops an incredible 8 song EP.Vocally and musically Savant brings back that underground feel of late 90's Hip Hop updated for the new millennium. I'm definitely feelin this emcee and I'm sure you will too. Take notice wannabe MC's this is what 2000 hip hop sounds like! And Digital Deejays these mp3's are 320kbps perfect to include these tunes within your set/mixtape. Now I bring you Savant...

Listen to "Til Death Do Us Part" HERE and "The Lyricist Threemix" HERE

The Delayed Entry (2009) |84 MB|

The Lyricist ThreeMix
Illest You've Never Heard (Could)
Concrete Techniques
You Know
Bottom To the Top
'Til Death Do Us Part
Marry a Memory
Perfect Profession


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