OHH and DJ Remike -Stetsasonic: The Original Hip Hop Band

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Monday,October 19,2009

The Mixtape Project has done it again! Three months ago Original Hip Hop gave you Juice Crew masters now it's time to drop some Stetsasonic upon you.

Stetsasonic was a hip hop group that dropped 3 albums in the mid to late 80s (around the same time as Run-DMC was active). They're considered to be the first hip hop live band. After the group folded, heir frontman, Daddy-O went on to drop a solo debut and become a very in-demand producer, and their DJ Prince Paul became a part of reknowned hip hop group De La Soul. My reason for dropping this mixtape was that I felt that Stetsasonic's was forgotten and to bring it to the light. Additionally, the tape is part of SOUL's mixtape project. The project is meant to bring back the real original mixtapes & real mix DJ's.
DJ Remike

OHH Presents DJ Remike
Stetsasonic: The Original Hip Hop Band (2009) | 143 MB|

Hip Hop Band Intro
Just Say Stet
So Let the Fun Begin
Go Stetsa
Wordsmith - Interlude
Daddy-O - Brooklyn Bounce
Talkin All That Jazz
Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
Go Brooklyn 3
Hip Hop Band
Ghetto Is The World
DBC Let The Music Play
No BS Allowed
Stet Troop 88
Daddy-O - Flowin In File
Daddy-O - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
Bust That Groove
My Rhyme
A.F.R.I.C.A (Norman Cook Remix)/Outro
The Problemaddicts - What It Seems (Remix Produced By DJ ReMike)(Bonus Track)

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