Nex Millen - All Vinyl No Serato

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Monday, October 26,2009

This was made as a tribute to Philadelphia's DJ Day. Despite the controversy based upon Philly Legend DJ Cash Money (read his comments HERE). It's still great idea to have a celebration of Philly's past. Enjoy the mix.

"All Vinyl, No Serato aka 2 are better than 1 2004" is one of my best vinyl mixes. Pack full of timeless music. Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, World Music and Reggae, all the flavors RTC Sound is know for. Sit back, download it and Bang it LOUD!!!!
Respect The Culture

Nex Millen
All Vinyl, No Serato
AKA 2 Are Better Than 1 2004 (2009) |86 MB|

Respect The Culture

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