Hamza 21 - The Kickback

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Now this is a repost of a mix I posted back in March but somehow disappeared from my site and yes volume 2 (40% finished) & 3 (90% finished) is on it's way.


This right here took about 8 months to complete and even now I'm still not happy with it. However it's time to let it go and move on to something else. There are still some mistakes in this mix but I'm over this project and moving on to vol 2.

This mix started off as a short 20 minute mix (MJ to Everlast as well as Mya & Jon B) but my computer crashed and I lost all my files.When I got my computer up and running again I moved on to another short mix (Cat Stevens to Flyleaf). After finishing that short mix I decided to make it a little longer and I kept adding songs from R&B and Pop that I liked to that mix. After finishing all of that I figured WTF. So I rerecorded my first mix and used it as my intro of this final project.

One thing to note 90% of the songs are mp3's not vinyl records and I don't have any DVS or any other computer djing program. I beatmatched using Audacity and unlike an old school analog 4 track digital recording is pretty unforgiving. Many things that would be masked by the sound of analog is not present with digital software. In other words digital recording sucks. Anyway I hope you like the mix.

Hamza 21
The Kickback (2009) | 66 MB|

I Can't Help It/Disco Inferno Blend - Michael Jackson/50 cent
Missing Live (Hamza 21 Blend) - Evanescence
Luv 2 Luv Ya Remix/I'll Be There Blend - Timbaland & Magoo/Method Man
I Can't Move - Everlast
The First Cut Is the Deepest Blend - Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)/Sheryl Crow
Drivin Me Wild/Cherish The Day Blend - Common/Sade
Fully Alive (Hamza 21 Remix) - Flyleaf
You Will Rise - Sweetback ft. Amel Larriuex
I Keep Forgetting - Michael McDonald
Fine - Kate Rogers vs Grand Central
My Heart Won't Change Blend - Taylor Dayne
Barely Breathing Blend - Duncan Sheik
Collide/The Streets Blend - Howie Day/WC
Find A Way - Dwele
Can We Talk (Hamza 21 Remix) - Tevin Campbell
In Our Lifetime - Texas
Fallin - Mya
Bad Girl - Jon B
You Make Me High - Toni Braxton
Without You - Christina Aguilera
Each Day Gets Better - John Legend
You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne


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