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Monday, October 26, 2009

A collective of Japanese deejays/producers combined together as the Far East Project released this Common Remix last year sometime. It took me awhile for me to find it. It was one those projects that garnered much love on the net but after awhile all the links went dead. But as you can see I found a link thanks to MS . I already posted the sequel a few months back called The Nas Remix. Now you can enjoy both projects.

Listen on youtube HERE

Far East Project
Common Remix (2008)|77 MB|

One Nine Nine Nine (Ajap Remix)
I Used To Love H.E.R. (DJ Watarai Remix)
The Bizness (Grooveman Spot a.k.a. DJ Kou-G Remix)
Dooinit (318 Remix)
Get Em High (Mercedes Boy Remix)
Geto Heaven (Physical Sound Sport Remix)
Resurrection (DJ Deckstream Remix)
The Corner (Low Jack Three Remix)
Come Close Remix (Closer) (Firewaltz Remix)
I Got A Right Ta (DJ A-Kay Remix)
Come Close (DJ Hazime Remix)

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