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Thursday,October 22, 2009

The only female Muslim deejay I'm aware of, Rachelle Chua aka DJ Raichous (pronounced Righteous) lays down some Mos Def in a short mix that was aired on Sway & Tech's Wake Up Show in July. I also included a very,very short mix that was played at the beginning of Wake Up Show back in May.

In near future you should be hearing alot more Raichous as she along with Kidragon will be featured in upcoming documentary Deen Tight.

"Around 10:30pm Roza and I headed back to the cars,Bumped a "Numark Live @ The Get Back" mixtape until 11pm rolled around and we tuned in here,where the World Famous Wake Up Show lives and listened as King Tech ever so graciously played my dinky 10 minute set to open up the show. Sigh. Hearing yourself on the radio is like no other feeling I can describe."

DJ Raichous

DJ Raichous
Wake Up Show Mix (2009) | 13 MB|

"I exhausted all of my resources to try to get a drop from him, but seeing that I'm just simply not that cool my efforts shall whither in the dust. At least I'll still have this set to offer you."

DJ Raichous

DJ Raichous
Wake Up Show Mos Def Mix
(2009) | 47 MB|

DJ Raichous


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