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Monday, August 24,2009

For all you dilated fans out there I got a motherlode for you.4 downloads of B sides,remixes and little known DP joints through the years complied by MS's Halftime. And especially for my readers I got two ways to download for you. One you can download the entire volume or download each individual disc. enjoy.

Dilated Peoples
The B Sides Vol 1 (2009) |146 MB|

Downoad Disc 1 (69 MB)

Triple Optics (Live Remix)
The Platform (Remix)
The Last is The First
The Freshest
The Chills
Suckas Are Hiding
Right & Exact
People & Places
Bullet Train
Worse Come to Worse (Remix)

Download Disc 2 (76 MB)

Hidden Platform
Expansion Team Theme (Remix)
End of The Time
Pushin Limits
Heart Pound
Certified Official
Work The Angles (Remix)
Global Dynamics
Weed Vs. Beer
Heavy Surveillance
Under The Sun
Worst Comes To Worse (Remix) (ft Guru & Havoc)
Live on Stage (Remix) (ft Talib Kweli)

Dilated Peoples
The B Sides Vol 2 (2009) | 136 MB|

Dowload Disc 1 (66 MB)
Note: the file is mislabeled Vol 1 but it is Vol 2

Target Practice
Sky Scrapers (Downtown)
Heavy Lighting
The Platform (Remix 2)
Sound Bombing
Reservation for One (ft Joey Chavez)
Behold My Life (ft Defari)
Rework the Angles (ft A.G., Defari, & Xzibit)
Anaylze the Operation (ft Phil Da Agony)
Gold Chain Music (ft Planet Asia)
Top Prosepects (ft The High & Mighty & Defari)
Fresh Rhymes and Video Tape (Ft 88 Keys)
Behold My Life (Remix) (Ft Defari)

Download Disc 2 (74 MB)
Note: the file is mislabeled Vol 1 but it is Vol 2

Basics (ft Defari)
No Brainer (ft Mr. Complex)
Trouble N da West (ft Declaime & Wildchild)
Live from Mission Control (ft Charli 2na & Wordsworth)
Clowns (ft Defari)
Third Degree
Major League (ft Rasco)
Focused Daily (ft Defari)
Bottle Rocket (ft Manchild & Everlast)
Okay (ft Defari)
Long Awaited (ft The Lootpack)
Major League (Remix) (ft Rasco & Defari)

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