DJ Rhettmatic - U Call Dis A Mixtape Vol 4

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Monday,July 6,2009

This is volume 4 of DJ Rhettmatic's 'U Call Dis A Mixtape' series. I 'll have volumes one & two for you on Thursday. Now these mixtapes starting appearing around 1995 to 1996. Around the time many of you first heard of the Beat Junkies. This is some classic stuff right here. Grab this while you can you can't buy this anywhere folks.

DJ Rhettmatic
U Call Dis A Mixtape?
Piece of Sh*t Vol 4 (1996) | 72 MB/72 MB|

Side A
Live @ Unity (Feb 96)
Tumtable Talk
Untitled Mix #1
Untitled Mix #2
Fu-gee-la (Beat Junkie Remix)
On The Turntables...
Nickle and dime (Rob Swift)

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Side B
All Star line-up
Turntable talk #2
Jack Frost
No Complex (Turntable Remix)
Kickin/ w/ Mike Nardon & Chino XL (Sept 95)
Live On The Walk up Show (Dec 95)
Bear Witness (Q-Bert)

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Beer And Rap
The Mix Set

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