Dilated Peoples - Imagery,Battle Hymns & Political Poetry

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Thursday, July 23,2009

This is way back;way back when a man named Iriestyle used to work at the legendary Hip Hop Shop in downtown LA; Evidence was a little know emcee in Venice and DJ Babu wasn't apart of this group yet (despite what the cover art shows) .This is rare and historic! Grab this little known (pre-DJ Babu) Dilated Peoples unreleased album while you can.

Dilated Peoples
Imagery,Battle Hymns & Political Poetry (1995) |47 MB|

I Ain't The One
Huh Haa! feat. Redman
It All Comes Down To This
Dilated Peoples
Forward Motion
Straight Hip-Hop
What Are We Supposed To Do?
Cool City Slicker
I Want It All
Goin' For Broke feat. Xzibit


Source:Beatbox Radio Show

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