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Monday,June 22, 2009

As the Prophet Muhammad once said "Death is closer to us than our own sandals" and it seems we lost another Hip Hop pioneer this past week. Micheal Martin aka IZ THE WIZ was seminal force in the graf movement in NY borough of Queens. IZ influenced many artists from that area as well as world. Even at age of 49 he still represented and influenced many of the younger generation of writers. He will be missed.

Rest In Peace
Michael "Iz The Wiz" Martin


I think it would be a fitting tribute to drop a live recording of Tools Of War park jams by Old School Radio Hour. The Park Jams held every year during the summer in NY is where Hip Hop pioneers come to bring that true school flavor to public. It is as close we can get to park jams of old. The park parties back in Hip Hop's beginning in mid 1970's.

On this recording we have the inventor of scratch himself Grandwizard Theodore from the L Brothers followed by the Universal Zulu Nation's The Original Jazzy Jay. Towards the end of the recording there is a live performance by Grandmaster Melle Mel & Raheem (And you should know who they are). This was recorded last year on July 31 2008. It was the final event of year and hosted by Grandmaster Caz.

Grandwizard Theodore & DJ Jazzy Jay
Crotona Park Jam (2008) |108 MB|

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