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Thursday, April 30,2009

I've had this idea before and wanted to run with it but the folks at Hip Hop Head beat me to it. That Guy Fawkes always one step ahead of

Anyway for all those not aware of Canada's best exponents of Hip Hop, Swollen Members, this compilation will indeed show you what you've been missing. The only problem I see in this compilation is no "Fuel Injected", that's a classic party rocker! I can't believe it's not included.
"This compilation is a giant mixture of all of their work. It takes songs from Bad Dreams, Black Magic, Heavy, Balance, and Monsters In The Closet and combines them into an cohesive collage of Swollen Members joints. Enjoy."
Guy Fawkes

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Fuel Injected

Swollen Members
Narcoleptic Warriors (2009) | 87 MB|

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Act on It
Bad Dreams
Battle Axe Experiment
Black Magic
Bottle Rocket
Counter Parts
Deep End
Heavy Thinkers
Horrified Nights
Lady Venom
Left Field
Members Only
Northern Lights
Red Dragon
Too Hot
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