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Monday, January 12, 2009

This album was released in 2006. Although I like Skyzoo's flow and 9th Wonder's beats this album is very akin to Murs For President by Murs, in style and substance. Like Murs' album this release has some good tracks and some just so-so tracks. Word has it the entire album was recorded over three days hence "3 Day High". I wouldn't advised anyone to buy this album but as a download I would give it a listen especially those who are unfamiliar with Skyzoo.

You can listen to tracks HERE
"As a mixtape, Cloud 9 is an impressive 9th Wonder showcase, moving from mournful uptempo chipmunk soul ("Way To Go") to loverman guitar-picked coos ("Comeback") to stuttering hi-hat street menace ("Extreme Measures"), and, you know, all back over again."

Bare Witness

Way To Go

Skyzoo & 9th Wonder
Cloud 9: The 3 Day High (2006)|45 MB|

Bare Witness
Way To Go
A Day in the Life
Stop Fooling Yourself
I’m On It
The Bodega
You & Me
Live and Direct
The Spirit
Extreme Measures
Mirror Mirror


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