Mick Boogie and Adele - 1988 and 19

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Monday, January 5, 2009

What happens when you combine the 2008 album by Adele entitled "19" and "mixtape" DJ/Producer Mick Boogie? A hella good remix album that's what you get. I been meaning to post this earlier but I had other things to post before this one. Most notable Questlove's mix. Anyway this is a nice mash up of songs. Very soulful & funky.

Why 1988? Well since the London's songbird album is called 19 and Mick Boogie produced beats with a 1980's feel he entitled it 1988.

I included a link to the original "19" by Adele below as well.
You can listen to samples of 19 HERE

Mick Boogie & Adele
1988 (2008) |67 MB|

Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense)
Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
Tired (6th Sense Remix)
First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge)
My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh)
Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)


19 (2008)|63 MB|

Best For Last
Chasing Pavements
Cold Shoulder
Crazy For You
Melt My Heart To Stone
First Love
Right As Rain
Make You Feel My Love
My Same
Hometown Glory


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