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Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm sure many have heard of collaboration between LA based emcee Jo Well from the Antidotes and Dvious Mindz entitled "Nickel and Diming" due to be released on Jaunary 28th. Personally I can't wait to hear it.

Don't know Dvious? DJ Dvious Mindz for past year or so has been releasing a series of "Beat I Would've Gave" instrumental mixtapes. In all there are four of them: Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, and Common. This is the Nas mixtape. I will be posting the others later. I can't say Dvious is the next DJ Premier or Alchemist but he is indeed on the right path.
"Hey I’m back with my 3rd instrumental mixtape, Beats I Would’ve Gave Nas. This time around I tried to go for a more erie/dark type of sound, I think that type of sound suites Nas best. "
DJ Dvious Mindz

DJ Dvious Mindz
Beats I Would've Gave Nas (2008) |27 MB|

Inner City Blues
Come To Me
Free At Last
You Don’t Have To Say Goodbye
We Are Evil
Interlude Part 1
Just Say I Love Her
Stay Tonight
Raise The Swords
This Is For Real
JoWell - Maybe Just Maybe

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