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Monday, December 1, 2008

At one time the number crew in Los Angeles Tha Alkaholiks, aka Tha Liks, held it down for many years giving great Hip Hop shows and producing classic dope songs. J Ro, Tash & E Swift have definitely craved out a place in Hip Hop History for themselves.

For "Make Room" & "Daaam" to 2006's "The Flute Song" The Liks have and can still deliver quality Hip Hop.

"They can make party songs or flat out kick some of the funniest raps you’ve ever heard without sacrificing any credibility or selling out like other rappers."
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Likwidation is Tha Liks third release and just like their two previous albums 1993's "21 & Over" and 1995's "Coast To Coast" they bring dope party joints with hilarious wordplay.

At the time of this album's release the West Coast scene was filled with rapper after rapper and group after group of studio gangstas rhymng over second rate Dr.Dre sounding G Funk beats. In this crowd tha Alkaholiks definitely stood out with their party joints and funny rhyme play.

Captian Hook, Keep it Pourin and Feel The Real are standout tracks on this album. Aww Sh*t, Contents Unda Pressure and Hip Hop Drunkies featuring Ol Dirty Bastard are killa joints too.

The West Coast isn't just filled with wanna be gangstas it does have some skilled emcess and Tha Liks are proof of that.

You can listen to samples of the album HERE

Tha Alkaholiks
Likwidation (1997) | 88 MB |

AA Meeting Intro
Captain Hook
Nas Skit
Tore Down - (featuring Loot Pack)
Off The Wall - (featuring Keith Murray)
LL Cool J Skit
Feel The Real
Hip Hop Drunkies - (featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard)
Aww Sh*t
J-Ro Late Skit
Keep It Pourin'
Likwit Ridas - (featuring The Whoridas)
Funny Style - (featuring King Tee)
Commercial Skit
All Night
Debarge Skit
Pass Out
20th Caller Skit
Rockin' With The Best - (featuring Phil Da Agony)
Contents Unda Pressure


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