Rob Swift - Turntable Jazz vol 2

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Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm sure many heard the news of the passing of Ms. Eartha Kitt on Christmas Day. Many younger heads may not know of her but she was incredible talent. Sassy and saucy as well unforgettable she will be missed.

Rest In Peace
Eartha Mae Kitt
1927 - 2008

I would also like mention the passing of one of the Midwest's first MC to gain prominence MC Breed.He died on November 22, 2008. His song "Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'" is still, 17 years later after it's release, a Hip Hop & dance floor classic. Before Common or Kanye or The Rhymesayers Breed is the first to represent the Midwest Hip Hop. Listen his last interview HERE

Rest In Peace
Eric "MC Breed" Breed
1971- 2008

I've been waiting a few months to post this because I wanted heads to purchase this mix by Rob Swift. As the title suggest it's Rob mixing jazz breaks and adding some his dope scratches. If you like Soulful Fruit then you'll like this as well.

Rob Swift
Turntable Jazz Vol 2: Jazzlicious
(2008) |83 MB|

Rob Swift Ft Bob James & Dave McMurray - Jazz Is My Religion
Herbie Hancock - Dolphin Dance
Les Mccann - What’s Going On
Eddie Harris - Carrie On Brother
Rob Swift - Latin Scratch Interlude
Large Professor Ft Rob Swift - Minority
Al Hirt - Harlem Hindoo
Richard Evans - Patutu
Rob Swift Ft Dave Mcmurray - Nonverbal Communication
Lou Donaldson - It’s Your Thing
Lou Donaldson - Pot Belly
Bronislau Kaper - Green Dolphin Street
Boulaone Ft Rob Swift, Isaman & Legrotony - Enter The Cycles
Dizzy Gillespie - Summertime
Bob James Ft Rob Swift - Nautilus Scratch Remix
Sauce81 - 0000000000000 Clock
Rob Swift Ft Dujeous - Modern Day Music


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