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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hailing from Pittsburgh my brother Haroon Al Qahtani has put together another great mix. Like his previous mixes "Turkish Coffee Breaks", "Mixwhatchalike:No Genre Required" and "Dope On Silicon" Haroon spins an eclectic blend of tunes in a Hip Hop style. Haroon explains his new mix this way:
"Mix tapes throughout the years have generally been themed around particular eras, genres, or eras in a specific genre; sometimes they focus on specific artists, technical abilities, or in their lowest form, a presentation of new songs, oftentimes not even mixed, but accompanied with plenty of shouting.

Appetite for Deconstruction should be consumed in its entirety as a complete work, not just a series of songs chained together through scratching and mixing. By ripping apart and recombining various styles, some of which seem at odds with one another, we find something new.

In short, this is the essence of Hip-Hop. New Order and INXS, if presented within the correct context, can be equally 'Hip-Hop' as Nas or Run DMC. After all, what was "Rock Box" about? Enjoy!"
Haroon Al Qahtani

Sounds good doesn't it? Be sure to check some of his other mixes & remixes.

Haroon Al Qahtani
Appetite For Deconstruction (2008)|90 MB|


Cre-a-Tine (Italo Syrup Mix) - Cool Breeze
The Chase (Scratch Mix) - Giorgio Moroder
Blue Monday - New Order
White Horse - Laid Back
Homeless Interlude
Hard Times - Run DMC
Smerphies Dance - Spyder D
Home Computer (Hard Mix) - Kraftwerk
Love Come Down - Evelyn "Champagne" King
Shout (Jazzy Mix) - Tears for Fears
One Touch - The Wreck All Stars
I Need You Tonight - INXS
Catch the Beat - T-Ski Valley
Show You the Way to Go (Shacked Up Mix) - The Jacksons
I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
Wishing Well - Terence Trent D'Arby
Girls - The B-Boys
Fresh is the Word (Shante's Mix) - Mantronix
Sign o' the Times (Cops & Robbers MIx) - Prince
What's Going On (Impeach the Messenger Mix) - Marvin Gaye
Spread My Wings (Continuation Mix) - Troop
Rock Box - (Dub Vocal Presidential Rick James Mix) - Run DMC
All Night Long - The Mary Jane Girls
Tell Me - Groove Theory
Nas is Like - Nas
Society is Brainwashed - Ill Bill
Unstoppable - Mic Geronimo
Rockin' It - Fearless Four
Queens Only Appearance (From Will C's "Down the Dial")
Just Another Day - Queen Latifah
Deeper - Boss
This is the End
Does Anybody Know I'm Here? - The Dells

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