Grandmaster Flash - The Official Adventures Of Flash

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is for every person who loves Hip Hop. It's the Grandmaster himself recreating his mixes he used to perform back in the day.Don't let the tracklisting fool you. These are studio recreations of Flash's mixing. So for all of peeps who couldn't witness Flash doing his thing at his prime this is the next best thing.
Half mix album and half history lesson, the compilation cuts back and forth between interviews, vintage or newly recorded turntable sessions, and a few old-school standalones to get listeners in the mood. Only two of the seven mix sessions are old, though the new mixes were apparently done the same way they would've if he'd been allowed his own mix album in 1982 instead of 2002.

Grandmaster Flash
The Official Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash
(2002) |94 MB|

Intro - The Turntable Scientist
Grandmaster Flash Turntable Mix - Flash Tears The Roof Off
Babe Ruth - The Mexican
Grandmaster Flash - Live At The T-Connection '79
Grandmaster Flash Turntable Mix - Flash Got More Bounce
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Grandmaster Flash Interview - Females
Eddie Drennon & The BBS Orchestra - Do What You Gotta Do
Grandmaster Flash Turntable Mix - Freestyle Mix
Grandmaster Flash - Live At Disco Convention '82
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Games
Grandmaster Flash Interview - Set It Off
Grandmaster Flash Turntable Mix - Get Off Your Horse & Jam


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