DJ Books - Chocolate Boy Wonder and The Mecca Don

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Monday, November 10, 2008

New Jersey's DJ Books is someone I haven't heard of before this mix. From his myspace page it seems he has nice collection of mixes out there. I'll try to get as many as possible and post them. Especially that Aaaliyah The Goddess mix I'm itchin to hear that.

The mixing on this isn't as rough and rugged, or quick, as I would like but at least his doesn't drop his name every other minute like talentless hacks who dare call themselves "dee jays". Anyway check this good mix of CL Smooth & Pete Rock tunes from Books.

DJ Books
The Chocolate Boy Wonder & The Mecca Don
(2008) |109 MB|

Reminisce Intro
It's A Love Thing (Thief Mix)
Searching (Remix)
Back On Da Block
Straighten It Out
Shine On Me
Da Two
Heard Em Say
Lots Of Lovin' (Remix)
I Got A Love
Mecca & The Soul Brother
Magic Hour feat. AZ
Caramel City
Til I Retire
It's Like That
Take You There (Verse 1 & 2)
Take You There (Verse 3 Remix)
American Me (Verse 1 Thief Mix)
American Me (Verse 2 & 3)
One In A Million
Get On Da Mic (Verse 1 & 2)
Get On Da Mic (Verse 3 Remix)
The Creator
They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
Reminisce 2003 w/ Mr. Cheeks
For Pete's Sake
A Little Soul Outro (Petestrumental)


I got some more good stuff coming on Thursday. Come on through and check out my album reviews of

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