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Thursday, November 13, 2008

With four albums to her credit and a few acting roles, Aaliyah was reaching a pinnacle where many singers and actors would like to reach. Unfortunately we had to lose young Miss Aaliyah to a tragic plane accident after the shooting of her video for the song "Rock the Boat". Many people are/were saddened by the loss of this very talented young lady. We at THE THIEVES THEME PRODUCTIONS salute her with this mix that shows her talent and beautiful voice. AALIYAH THE GODDESS....R.I.P.
DJ Books - The Thieves Theme

Here's another mix from DJ Books. I just got the link today (thanks S.O.U.L). I never heard that "Stickin Chickens" joint before, it's funky. I believe it's a Missy album song not a release single. I'm not a big Missy fan so maybe that's why I haven't heard it before. lol

The thief-mix to "One In A Million" is a nice idea but the execution doesn't really work. Aaliyah singing over Puffy's Last Night and Prince's Erotic City almost worked and the acapella goes of beat a few times. The "Are You That Somebody" Thief-mix, Aaliyah over a Millie beat suck ass. It's definitely beneath Baby Gurl's legacy. For the most part this is decent mix despite the "thief-mix". Anyways enjoy some Aaliyah this weekend.
R.I.P. baby gurl we still miss ya.

DJ Books
Aaliyah The Goddess (2008) |94 MB|

Are You That Somebody(Thief-Mix)
More Than A Woman
Come Back In One Piece FT. DMX
Stickin Chickens FT Missy & DA Brat
If Your Girl Only Knew
Back And Forth
Try Again
Are You Feeling Me
John Blaze FT Missy
Four Page Letter
Man Under Cover FT Missy & Timbaland
Are You Ready
Rock The Boat (Thief-Mix)
You Won't See Me Tonight FT Nas
I Need You Tonight Remix FT Lil Kim & Junior MAFIA
I Care 4 U
We Need A Resolution FT Timbaland
At Your Best(Remix)
Hot Like Fire
Got To Give It Up FT Slick Rick
One In A Million(Thief-Mix)
I Miss You FT Jay-Z


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