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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nonetheless,  The 5% Album is a mammoth project that at once informs us, entertains us, and adds a much needed addition to hip-hop’s legacy. Thematically, Lord Jamar manifests his knowledge over a variety of tight beats and with a group of talented guest stars.
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Now this album is on point!! I know some may not accept the message and content of this concept  album but it's beats and rhymes are good. After for years dropping a little knowledge about the Nation Of Gods and Earths or the 5%  Nation in Brand Nubian albums Lord Jamar drops an album totally devoted to teachings of the NGE. Now as a Sunni (traditional) Muslim I must say what the NGE teaches isn't based upon the religion of Islam, the teachings of the Qur'aan or the life the Prophet Muhammad. I won't go into too much about the NGE here I'll just direct you to the wikipedia page about them. Although there is misinformation on the wiki page it still it is a good starting point for those who never heard or never known members of the NGE.

NGE Wiki

You can also read Saladin Quanaah Allah's blog:

Atlantis School

You can listen to samples of the album HERE

Lord Jamar
The 5% Album (2006) [81 MB] 

Original Man (Feat. Raekwon & Kasim Allah)
Supreme Mathematics (Born Mix)
W-GOD (Skit)
Freedom (Papa Wu) (Interlude)
The Corner, The Streets (Feat. Grand Puba)
Same Ole Girl (Feat. Prodigal Sun)
PSA (Skit)
Revolution (Feat. Reality Allah & Horse)
Deep Space (Feat. RZA)
Young Gods (Feat. Young Justice, Young Dirty & Young Lord)
Yakub Da Jeweler (Skit)
Advance The Game
The Cipher (Feat. 40 Bandits - Jasik Allah, Ralo, Nat Turner & Rated G)
The Interview (Skit)
Givin' Up
Study Ya Lessons (Feat. Sadat X & Queen Tahera Earth)
Freedom (Papa Wu) (Interlude)
Greatest Story Never Told
Supreme Mathematics (Knowledge Mix)



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