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Monday, October 6, 2008

Rock Steady Crew's DJ JS 1 ( has released a couple good albums and mixes over the years. This one right here is from 2004. If I remember right this is his third album. I'll post his first album "Ground Original" next week. This album is great mix of Turntablism and Hip Hop. It is similar to DJ Revolution's "In 12's We Trust". Hip Hop tracks with MC's and tracks where DJ's get down on the scratch. All lovers of true Hip Hop should love this.

JS 1 also a graf writer and goes by JERMS. You can see some his pieces on his myspace site.

Audio Technician (2004) [100 MB]

Audio Technician feat. Lifelone & Immortal Techinique
Complicated ’98 feat. DJ Slynke
Bringin Back NY Rap feat. BL-One & Jak Danielz
Babylon 5 (’96) feat. DJ Spinbad
New Level feat. React, JS1, & Eternal
Dangerous (’99) feat. DJ Spinbad
Basix feat. Tonedeff & Pack FM
ColdCutz feat. DJ Spinbad & DJ Slynke
In N Out feat. Eternal & React
Wake UP! (’00) feat. DJ Ody-Roc
The Mission feat. Trez
Make Me Laugh feat. Rahzel
Press Rewind feat. Five Feet Perspectives
DJ/Emcee feat. Radix
BX Streets feat. Rahzel
The More U Got feat. Dub-L
Rule #4080
Flying Guillotines feat. C-Rayz Walz, Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin & React
Ventilation Scratchapella

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