J Rocc - Live At The Sex Machine

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Monday, September 22,2008

I've been searching for this for a couple months now and I was beginning to think I wouldn't find a copy but here it is. This is indeed a throwback. Check how J Rocc shoutouts Rob One (R.I.P.). On Stone Throws and else where it is said this released in 1999 but in the mix he mentions Rob One's death which didn't occur until 2000. As well as he says hello to Niko, Babu's son, who wasn't born until 1998 and would have been 1 years old at the time if this was indeed recorded in 2000.

J Rocc
Live @ The Sex Machine [50 MB]

open mic night - high n mighty
childrens story (retold) - black starr
world premier - eclipse
likwit connection - defari
day one - ditc
tried by 12 - eastflatbush project
paper thin - bahamadia
whenimondamic - lootpack
1,2,shit - atcq
survival - mobbdeep
just wanna chill - large professor
dwyck - gangstarr ft nice n smooth
gotham city - frierson bros
consequesnces - concequence
mia - missin lynx
medley - james brown
humpty dump - vinrattes
hook-n-sing - eddie bo
the fez - steely dan
inner city blues - reuben wilson
melting pot - booket t
atmosphere - funkadelic
something for the radio - biz markie
jbeez comin thru - jungle bros
rebel without a pause - pe
terminator x - pe
ease back - ultramagnetic mc's
party groove - showbiz & ag
improvise - jurassic 5
heavy duty - harry mudie & king tubb

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