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June 9, 2008

I got some classic albums for ya'll today. All these albums should be in every Hip Hop lover collection.

Also speaking of classic here's a new song destined to be a classic. It's a joint by Nas called "Black President" produced by DJ Green Latern. It is from a mixtape by Nas & Lantern called "the Ni**er Tape". This is a classic Nas. Every Nas fan should love this song.

Nas ft Johnny Polygon
Black President [6.75 MB] (2008)

The Visionaries (Key Kool & Rhettmatic,LMNO,Dannu & Lord Zen, 2 Mex) are HUGE out here in southern Cali. They may not be known as much outside CA but they are definitely Hip Hop legends out here. With the exception of Dilated Peoples no group gets more love and respect from underground heads out in Cali then The Visionaries.

One thing about them is their record label Up Above Records puts out ALL their singles on vinyl. As well as their albums.

True REAL California Hip Hop right here. This is their 3rd album. The Visionaries first two albums are good but their third one is great. Their fourth Album "We Are the Ones" is great too but Pangaea is my favorite. You can listen to samples on

Pangaea [84 MB] (2004)

1. Foreword
2. Pangaea
3. Strike
4. Domakesaythink
5. V-Peat
6. Believe It
7. If You Can't Say Love
8. 6 Ring Circus
9. Nine Eleven
10. Broken Silence
11. Lacerations - (featuring DJ Melo D)
12. Momentum
13. Starchaser
14. Timeline
15. Meeting of the Minds - (featuring The Living Legends)
16. Good Things
17. Sight For Sore Eyes
New Link:
MUST Download & unzip both files.

The first bonafide White MC with skills. Everlast ( has had a diverse musical career. From laidback rappin as part of Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate to reemerging as a hardcore Irish brawler in House Of Pain to folk influenced solo joints to now being member of La Coka Nostra. A little known fact about Everlast is he is Muslim. He converted to Islam in 1996. You can hear an interveiw of him talking about it here (You need windows media player to hear it):

Eric Schrody

Or read his interview with Adisa Bonjoko:

This cd right here took awhile to gain success but it definitely something to check. It has laidback folksy feel to it but it does have an Hip hop feel to it as well. Which isn't easy to blend together but EV does perfectly. "I Can't Move " is my favorite joint off this cd but The Alchemist produced "Deadly Assassins" ft B Real is off the chain as well. My favorite line off Deadly Assassins "Word To Rob One he used like the big ladies"..hahaha RIP to Rob One (View Rob One's Graff)

You can listen to samples on

Eat At Whiteys' [70 MB] (2000)

01 - Whitey
02 - Black Jesus
03 - I Can't Move
04 - Black Coffee - featuring Merry Clayton
05 - Babylon Feeling - featuring Carlos Santana
06 - Deadly Assassins - featuring B-Real
07 - Children's Story - featuring Rahzel
08 - Love For Real - featuring N'Dea Davenport
09 - One and the Same - featuring N'Dea Davenport
10 - We're All Gonna Die - featuring Cee-Lo
11 - Mercy On My Soul
12 - One, Two - featuring Kurupt
13 - Graves to Dig
14 - Put Your Lights On

I love this joint right here. This one of Rob's best mixes he put out. He lays cuts over jazz breaks and juggles a few tunes as well. Mista Sinista & Diamond Jay from the X Men have routines that were recorded form Evil Dee's radio show on thelast parts of side A & Side B on the vinyl. And there is a "battle" between Rob & Rahzel of The Roots on here as well. You gotta hear Rahzel do "If I Ever Fall In Love Agian" by Shai..ILL!! I got this on vinyl so I haven't downloaded it but the tracklisting I got is different from the vinyl version of 1997. I don't know when this was rereleased in 2005 if they changed the track listing for the cd or not.

Rob Swift
Souful Fruit [83 MB] (1997)

Define Music"- 1:24
"Introduction"- 0:54
"Itchy Vibes And Drums"- 2:07
"Cutting With Class"- 2:17
"Interlude 1: Babu Speaks" feat. Babu- 1:15
"The Mad Scientist of the Turntables"- 1:49
"Relax Mode"- 4:08
"This Is a Remix"- 2:00
"Interlude 2: Bruce Lee Speaks" feat. Bruce Lee- 1:23
"Some Ol' Rough Shit"- 1:46
"A Natural High"- 2:31
"A Scratch Is A Musical Note"- 4:05
"Diamond Jay Will Spin It"- 5:06
"Rob Swift Versus Rahzel" feat. Rahzel- 14:16
"A Turntable Experience"- 4:20
"Interlude 3: Message"- 3:18
"Women And Stress"- 1:28
"Women And Stress 2"- 1:28
"Let The Drummer Get Some"- 1:00
"Interlude 4: Bruce Lee Speaks Again"- 0:51
"Who Is It? Mista Sinista"- 3:28
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This album was produced by Jonathan "Dred Scott" Scott . Scott is adept at mixng Jazz & Hip Hop & R & B into something that can stand the test of time. It's a shame Dred Scott never became a big time -in-demand beatmaker. Or that Adriana Evans never became well known. This album is indeed a classic and something few can resist. She has released three other albums since this one but due poor marketing none have gained any success. If you love classic Chaka Khan of the 70's or today's Erykah Badu then you should love Adriana Evans.

Adriana Evans
Adrian Evans [69 MB](1997)

1. Love Is All Around
2. Seein' Is Believing
3. Heaven
4. Reality
5. Hey Brother
6. Trippin'
7. I'll Be There
8. Love Me Looking for Your Love
9. Swimming
10. Say You Won't
11. In the Sun
This file has a password that I'm unaware of. Here's a link to file with no password

The Metaphor Matador, the Lyrical Jesus Himself! If you haven't heard this cd or heard of Chino XL. You have indeed been sleeping these past few years. Chino has got to be the BEST MC to come out of the 90's. Due to alot of industry bullsh*t Chino hasn't been able to blown up like he should. The greatest MC of 80's Rakim....the 90's.....Chino XL.

You can listen to sample on

Chino XL
Here To Save You All [94 MB] (1996)

1. Here to Save You All
2. Deliver
3. No Complex
4. Partner to Swing
5. It's All Bad
6. Freestyle Rhymes
7. Riiot! - (featuring Ras Kass)
8. Waiting to Exhale - (featuring Gravitation)
9. What Am I?
10. Feelin' Evil Again
11. Thousands
12. Kreep
13. Many Different Ways
14. Shabba-Doo Conspiracy, The - (featuring Kool Keith)
15. Ghetto Vampire
16. Rise

A classic from the 1996. "Jungle Music" is one of my all time favorite Hip Hop joints. If you don't like Jeru joints....what can I say...then you don't like Hip Hop. Hands down the BEST album of 1996 and 90's. This album has to be on every Hip Hoppa's top ten list of great albums.

You can listen to sample on

Jeru Tha Damaja
The Sun Rises In the East [40 MB](1996)

1. Intro (Life)
2. D. Original
3. Brooklyn Took It
4. Perverted Monks in Tha House (Skit)
5. Mental Stamina
6. Da Bichez
7. You Can't Stop the Prophet
8. Perverted Monks in Tha House (Theme)
9. Ain't the Devil Happy
10. My Mind Spray
11. Come Clean
12. Jungle Music
13. Statik

I couldn't stop listening to this cassette when it came out in 1990. Black consciousness was the trend back then and this CD was it's soundtrack. Brother J's deep voice and Professor X's adlibs over funk beats is as good as it gets. I would say it has to be the BEST Album put out in 1990.

X Clan
To The East Blackwards [59 MB] (1990)

1. Funkin' Lesson
2. Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?
3. Tribal Jam
4. Day of Outrage, Operation Snatchback
5. Verbal Milk
6. Earth Bound
7. Shaft's Big Score
8. Raise the Flag
9. Heed the Word of the Brother
10. Verbs of Power
11. In the Ways of the Scales

Now this has got to be the BEST album put out in 1991 and my top 3 BEST Hip Hop albums ever. Cube is at his prime on this one. I have this on cassette so I didn't download it and I don't know if the Bonus track on the CD (it wasn't on the cassette nor vinyl) is on this download.

Ice Cube
Death Certificate [88 MB](1991)

1. The Funeral
2. The Wrong Ni**a to F**k Wit
3. My Summer Vacation
4. Steady Mobbin'
5. Robin Lench
6. Givin' up the Nappy Dug Out
7. Look Who's Burnin'
8. A Bird in the Hand
9. Man's Best Friend
10. Alive on Arrival
11. Death
12. The Birth
13. I Wanna Kill Sam
14. Horny Lil' Devil
15. Black Korea
16. True to the Game
17. Color Blind
18. Doing Dumb Shit
19. Us
20. No Vaseline
21. How to Survive in South Central - (bonus track)

The MOST slept upon album in the history of Hip Hop!! The Nonce, it doesn't get any better than this. If you only download one album off this blogpost DOWNLOAD THIS ONE. TRUE School Hip Hop & True school Cali Hip Hop. It's a crime that the Nonce never gained widespread success. As much as A Tribe Called Quest get props the Nonce should receive the same as well.

Read the review of this cd on Hiphopisn'

The Nonce
World Ultimate [48 Mb](1995)

1. On The Air
2. Keep It On
3. Bus Stops
4. The West Is...
5. Mix Tapes
6. Testing
7. World Ultimate
8. Good To Go
9. On The Road Again
10. Hoods Like To Play
11. J To The I
12. Eighty Five
13. Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)

I got a couple more I'll try to post on Thursday or if not then on Monday.
Enjoy the music people.

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